We’re in an epidemic of loneliness: 60% of US adults report as regularly feeling “lonely”. And 1 in 2 Americans state they have no close friends.

Feeling isolated and alone adversely affects our mental health. 1 out 6 Americans are on some kind of psychiatric drug. And Covid led to more extreme distress: 1 in 4 Millenials/GenZ had suicidal thoughts during the pandemic.

Loneliness doesn’t just impact our mental health – it impairs our physical health as well. Lonely people are 50% more likely to die prematurely than those with healthy social connections.

How can we be so lonely when with a simple click we can access the world? Technology may “connect” us, but data shows it can also contribute to feeling alone and isolated.

Connections on social media can be more a mirage than a source of meaningful exchange, and too many of us are fixated on how many likes we’re getting or who’s following whom. Bullying online adds another layer of pain and anxiety.

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