Who We Are

A Movement of Beamers

Lightbeam harnesses storytelling for daily inspiration, connection, and motivation. We are the first-ever storytelling platform for premium-quality shareable videos all focused on compassionate acts and selfless people.

During these unprecedented times when fear, sadness, and anger have risen to record levels globally, Lightbeam is a welcome beacon to show us that the best of humanity always shines through. #Beabeamer

The Power of Empathy is Backed by Science (Hint:
You’ll feel Better!)

Activates Brain

Watching a video about moral beauty affects the brain profoundly
and consistently.

Social Contagion

One person’s prosocial act spreads person to person to person to person (“three degrees of influence”), stirring a contagion effect.

Sparks Compassion

Responding to another’s moral excellence is called “elevation” and it motivates prosocial behavior.

Promotes Happiness

Prosocial behavior increases happiness more than even self-care.

Light beam Lifts Spirits in a Whole New Way

Most inspirational content filling social feeds is from amateur cell phone video or
formulaic local news segments

Imagine what artfully-crafted stories could be told in the hands of talented, skilled creators
from around the world?

Lightbeam takes uplifting storytelling to the next level…